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Steve and Ami 2020 Elopement

My first elopement of this year started out with a bang! This wasn’t an elopement I had pre planned to shoot, though I had pre planned to shoot their bridal portraits the following day. When the couple arrived at their venue they learned that their photographer was going to shoot photos only with an iPhone!! (really though! The venue has their elopement package advertised that each package comes with a photographer. Turns out their photographer is an amateur that shoots only with an iPhone) The couple called me on New Years Day, panicking. Luckily, I was available and thrilled to shoot their elopement just down the street from Denver in Morrison.

When I stepped in, I hadn’t yet met Steve and Ami, though I had talked with Ami extensively about their bridal portrait session. When I arrived at the venue, I couldn’t have been more ecstatic that I decided to meet them for their big day! Both Steve and Ami welcomed me into their day as if I was family!

Steve and Ami, along with their best friends, the officiant, and myself were the only ones present for their elopement and it was perfect!! Steve and his long time best friend got dressed up and enjoyed some whiskey together while waiting for the ladies. Amber and Ami got ready together and helped each other with hair and makeup and their dresses. I love hanging out with the ladies during this time it’s always so much fun! Usually there is music, people are dancing and singing, everyone is smiling or laughing, and the champagne is flowing!

They had the perfect intimate ceremony! There were lots of laughs, smiles, and tears of happiness (especially from me, haha I cry at every wedding). After the ceremony, Ami and Steve shared their first dance, which was so sweet! We all enjoyed some champagne and cake afterwards (shoutout to Shaina with Sweet Ride Bakeshop for her amazing cake!).

The next morning, Ami, Steve, and myself got up at the crack of dawn and met at Mt. Falcon for some sunrise bridal portraits! Being that it was 7am in the dead of winter, the session did not last super long. Poor Ami was so cold in just her dress (she was such a trooper!). We had the most beautiful sunrise sky so we stayed out just long enough to take advantage of that!

I am so fortunate to have worked with Steve and Ami for not one but two days! They are such a sweet couple and I am so happy for them and their new future together! Congratulations again to the two of you! If I make it to your neck of the woods in Oklahoma, you can bet we will go out for a drink or two.

A few of their elopement day photos have been published in Shutter UP magazine! The magazine is currently only available in print but if I get my hands on one of them, I will add them on here for you to see!

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